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About us


In September 2008, the Syntra network for small businesses (KMO) and freelancers started a new program "Zythology", in collaboration with the Higher Institute of Gastronomy and Beer and the Confederation of Belgian Brewers. Two years and two hundred classroom hours later, the first classes graduate in Hasselt and Roeselare.


Since 2010 September 7, twenty-five men and women, who graduated, are allowed to continue their life as a certified "Zythologist".
After completing the course in Hasselt, and driven by Karel Tack, the idea grew to brew a new exclusive beer to celebrate the end of the course and obtaining the diploma "Zythologist" in an original way. The idea found great resonance among the new "zythologists" of Hasselt and Roeselare.
Robert Putnam, brewer and teacher in Hasselt, was asked to compose a recipe based on criteria compiled by the graduates.
In 2010 the beer was only distributed among the participating zythologists and teachers, which emphasized even more the exclusivity.


In 2011 Karel takes the initiative to brew this exclusive beer again. This might give every beer lover the opportunity to enjoy "AmBassadeur". He can count on the cooperation of Koenraad, Luc and Françoise.
As passionate beer lovers they have only one goal: to brew Belgian specialty beer of tasteful top quality finished to perfection.
That is why only the best ingredients are selected, with care, patience, respect and unconditional love for the product.

In March 2011, the association "Spuma" was established.
Spuma develops and distributes only great Belgian specialty beer.
The production will rely on the professional support of the "Proefbrouwerij" in Lochristi.
All beers are developed in an own microbrewery in Tongeren and tested in collaboration with Belgian top brewers.


In January 2012 Françoise leaves Spuma. She remains a loyal supporter of Spuma and AmBassadeur.
April 2012, the three remaining members Karel, Koenraad and Luc decide to take the necessary steps to brew for the third time AmBassadeur in the autumn of 2012.

On 26 August at 8.20u Karel (and friend Guido) traveled to the Czech Republic for a load of fresh hops for the AMBASSADEUR 2012.
On August 29, at 19:00, the hops are delivered in the brewery and the brewing can begin.
AMBASSADEUR 2012, will have somewhat less alcohol, is yet even more drinkable and is (since fresh hops are used) also sensory lightly adapted.

Arrival of the fresh hops in the brewery.

On 14 November, the new AMBASSADEUR was presented in Aarschot in the Cultural Center.
Accompanied by beautiful jazz music, with some snacks and chocolates made based on the new AMBASSADEUR, the beer was professionally assessed and appreciated.

From left to right: Karel, Yannick Boes, Luc and Koenraad

On 10 December, the new AMBASSADEUR was launched in Gooik in collaboration with the restaurant ‘t Kreukeltje. Also here we had a lot of positive reactions to the beer, chocolates and snacks.

Members of Spuma Luc and Koen and Robert Putman (middle).

End of 2012, we can conclude that AMBASSADEUR increasingly becomes more and more popular with the beer lovers. The demand is rising, the number of selling sites increase and the responses are always very positive.


After a long search for the perfect glass for AmBssadeur a glass was chosen .
For more details see the section "Our Glass"
On July 24 a number of decisions were taken. They are an other step forward in the evolution of AmBassadeur .
The brew 2013 will be 60Hl .
Besides the 75cl bottle also 37,5 cl bottles will be available.