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Our beer


Name of the beer

After a small survey and by majority of the votes the name "AmBassadeur" was selected. This name fully reflects what this exclusive beer stands for: ambassador for all Belgian beers.
Another important reason why this name was chosen is the name "Bass". Bass Lansbergen, a wonderful man, brewer and teacher in Hasselt, left us forever due to a tragic accident in 2010.
The name of the beer "AmBassadeur" is a tribute and a reminder of Bass and his passion for beer.
We remember him as the best ambassador that the beer could ever dream of.
Spuma develops and distributes only great Belgian specialty beer.
The production will rely on the professional support of the Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi. All beers are developed in an own micro-brewery in Tongeren and tested in collaboration with Belgian top brewers.

On this website we would like to introduce you to our first specialty.
To your health!

Taste Profile

AmBassadeur is a nicely light golden cloudy beer with an alcohol content of 8.8%.
On a well-poured AmBassadeur rises a creamy and solid glass adhesive foam collar, neatly demonstrating the extensive use of hops!
The rich aroma of Ambassador contains notes of sweet fruit and alcohol.

This refers to the dry hopping and is supported by the use of picking fresh, green-Saazer Saazer hops from the Czech Golden Creek.
Each sip starts fresh and sweet but slowly changes into a pleasant but powerful hop bitterness. AmBassadeur is a pleasantly sparkling and full beer with a long dry finish that goes down with a velvet alcoholic caress.

AmBassadeur evolves excellent! Within time all of its flavors will be even more pronounced and will be gaining more and more body.
This beer is brewed with outstanding authentic ingredients (malt, hops, water, yeast and sugar) without addition of stabilizers or preservatives. Pure nature!

Beer Sheet





Vol % and Plato

8% vol. and 18 Plato


High Temp

Mouthfulness (10 = pompous)


Brightness (10 = chrystal clear)


Sparkling (10 = CO2 bomb)



40 Ebu

Fermentation in bottle





Barley Malt
Fresh Hop
Without addition of stabilizers